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Winchester, uk
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Hi There! Interesting facts - that's a tall order! Well, for one, I use far too many exclamation marks when I type anything! I live in the middle of nowhere, with two dogs, a cat and a horse, and three daughters, although two are away at uni. I love musical theatre, reading more than one book at a time and listening to Josh Groban! I hate bullies, injustice and ignorance. I am a serious technophobe - I just have to look at a computer and it breaks. My children were the last people in the school to have to hand-write their homework and we have never had a gameboy/playstation/wii in the house. My poor deprived babies! But they are all as technologically adept as anyone else their age and have also had a healthy outdoor upbringing, so not all bad! I once did one of those quizzes on the internet - Which Simpsons character are you? Turns out I'm Bart - determined to be a rebel, but not quite sure of the cause. Yes. Oh, and something a bit different - I have a bit of an obsession with Richard III. Bit of a secret crush on a much-maligned hero (refer to "injustice" above!).
Favorite Music:
Daily dose of Josh Groban Snow Patrol, Jack Johnson, Damien Rice, Beethoven, Will Young, Frank Sinatra, The Carpenters, Van Morrison, The Eagles, Tchaikovsky Favourite Musicals: West Side Story, Blood Brothers, Les Miserables, Chess, Guys & Dolls (with a bit of a soft spot for Oklahoma! - maybe because of the exclamation mark!)

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